Tins and 3d Pieces

These are little constructions beyond the flat world. most of these are spoken for, or part of a bigger project.
but if you like something, contact me for a trade.

Amelie Exchange Tin: We posted what would be in a tin full of hoarded items from our childhoods. It was designed to trigger memories. All in all it was a truely nifty project.

Basic ATC Tin (cigarette box) painted with stripes or irridencent pink and green.

This is a Mini Tin, created to the tune of "Moth to Flame"

Handmade Dolls

This is a Mermaid Doll that I made on my recent trip to Italy. I cut her out entirely with nail clippers... darn those security issues.

The Showgirl doll. complete with tradtion.

The Rocker Doll. We're getting back to the funky dolls... These are the dolls I enjoy making...

The Corporate Devil Dolls. I love love love them.

The Group Photo and Details. of "The Sensitive Guy" and "Little Ellie"

The Crazy cat dolls -- umm collect them all?

The Lazy Day Kitty -- meowmewmeow. inspired by my thread chasin kitty.... 'cept this would be an artistic rendition of her spaztic self on percoset.

Heddy and the Meowmixxx dolls. (link coming post Nervousness Exchange)

Embroidery projects

This is a collection page... I might break it down later... who knows