Artist Trading Cards

Artist trading cards are little exchanges between artists, either in person,

or through various Internet sites. Each work measures 2.5" x 3.5". Most

of these have been sent, but if you see something you like, contact me for a trade.

The 2 above were sent to EveArt for her zine themed on Tarot. Restrictions were black and white, to accommodate Xerography.

The first 2 above were sent to EveArt for her zine themed on Self Portrait. Restrictions were black and white, to accommodate Xerography.

The above 2 were sent to xforcedxsmilex for her ATC exchange on passionate causes. I chose fat grrl activism and sex activism.

There two are for the Membership cards ATC exchange and just random... they were made on mac and cheese boxes... sustenance of the gods, I swear.

I have this old book on playing cricket, which has these great illustrations that I plan on using all over. I've also been having fun with gouache, and gloss medium and clear gesso. The red figure is a cut out to reveal the saturated red underneath.

The first was for the "One Beautiful Line" exchange run by Songofthewolf. It was based on "Strange angels singing just for me", a line by Laurie Anderson. the second was me messing around with portraiture... a highly lucrative art form.

I'm very excited about these. All incorporate Polaroid Mio images. Well the first and third have an image... the second is the remains of the image after it was cut out... and the clear window was left with the black smudges. It was then set, recessed into a illustration board atc, combined with gouache, more cricket, and an inkstained star with latex paint.


These two are also for Songofthewolf's "One Beautiful line ATC" A line by Margaret Atwood, and "I Put a Spell on You"


This was a set of altered playing cards for an exchange on Nervousness. They were cards that had cats on them... so I put birds on them instead.


Here is a selection of the "Bicycle" ATCs sent to Delahofer for an exchange. ("Evening in Beijing" Riding with the Queen of Hearts", "Red Rider")


So I became obsessed with this fan/wheel/ beach ball shape. It's become my favorite Rousseau's Dog. (And artistic element that makes it all better)

See? Rousseau's Dog. I found these reproductions of 1940's French fashions. I had a field day. There is a bunch more"Madames" coming. I am in love with them.


These were made for a Martha Stewart Themed ATC exchange. The middle two have captions on the back about using tobacco butts from the jail yard to antique your state linens, and using the old jumpers as decorative curtains with the number patches as tie-backs.

These were from an exchange about "Celebrating Red" The second one is a favorite It was one that was awful until I pushed it over the edge of spectacular.

This is part of the spin-off of the Madames. I'm really into painting out select elements of images, and leaving a little of the image, and playing with the fragments. Who thought that supermodels and hairspray adverts could be interesting.


I made this set using lots of gel medium (I did scribe into it) and mixed it with some goldshimmer eyeshadow I had around... you can't tell in the scans, but they have a lot of depth of color.


Some more from the gel medium adventure of last night. I miss glazing... I'll have to do more of it.


These are from the "Joss paper" ATC collection for a nervousness exchange... I enjoy this stuff, and played with the challenge.. "I dare you to not make it Asian" (triple dog dare, even) The last vertical one has a cut out window, coated/filled with a gel medium skin... makes for a hefty card.

I have a whole stack of ATC flowers... they've been fun, is a bit mechanically produced.


I've also been playing with large skins of Gel Medium... I will spread it out on a piece of glass, let it dry and then either cover an ATC with it, or use a strip of it somewhere for texture. The cherry ATC was something awful that I had adhered to joss paper, and when I decided that I hated it, I pulled it off only for this beautiful washed out paper/foil, and a nice contrast between the peeled and the glossed. I've noticed that the medium skin when is brought in contact with the "beautiful varnish that saves everything (seen on 2+4)"it makes for a nifty dull, sheen... The third has been cut out, so that if you held the card to light, it would show through... pretty interesting.

This is a bunny. He had friends but I mailed them before I got to document them. Maybe I'll make him some more friends. Eh, probably not.


The Above group is based on the ObeyGiant paraphernalia/propaganda machine... the insects were done via a transfer method... I inkjet printed onto anon-porous transparency and then pressed dray/damp bristol board onto the image, Then used nailpolish and Elmer's, and straw hat varnish, and pencil to finish it all up.

This used the inkjet transparent decal softened emulsion for the background... paint, and kraftpaper packing tape were also used here... beyond that I wish I could tell you how I did the backgrounds... but it is hardly scientific.


I've been using a lot of test sheets and cards that have gone wayward lately, trying to set them on the righteous path -- here's to that.

A series about those crazy"Draw Me" Art Institute Tests.

A series about some plastic bits and costume jewelry


... which led to a few more experiments in gold leaf. The one on the right is laminated joss paper, that was drypoint etched, then rubbed with paint.