The Woman Behind the Paintbrush.

She is a spitfire, who makes things. She is highly critical and is making a
severe effort to be supportive. She has an art degree, from a real art school, and makes work that is not linked to these exchanges.
She likes to get her creative energy out in lots of directions.
She likes work where time has been spent, and if not time, a good eye, and some energy. (because not all good art takes massive amounts of time)
She does not often like computer art, unless it has been altered by hand - somehow,.
She is open to trades from alot of people..Though will only trade original for original, and edition for edition, as it only seems fair.
She loves it when art goes beyond "pretty" and into the realm of the "profound"
(that could be profoundly silly, profoundly political, profoundly thoughtful,
profoundly original, profoundly crafted, profoundly profound. )

(sometimes a profound hack, and always profound intent/effort will do nicely )

(type that into your email program, to engage in a trade....change the middle bit... this is to avoid spam)

You can also find me at, under username haptotrope